It’s not easy to find premium content creators these days, but here we are!

So there you go: enjoy some of our best original productions yet.

À la Diud

It’s not just the food, but our taste for stories that made us shoot this series. With help from the best chefs, cooks, restaurants and local producers in Bucharest and its surroundings, we put the New Romanian Cuisine on display and tasted some free delicacies on the way, too. Ok, ok, we admit it’s all about the food.

Diud, where’s my tune?

We have a film studio. A real film studio where artists visit us for film or advertising work. The (oh, so cozy!) place inspired some of them to sing for no apparent reason. So we decided to give each of them a real reason to visit us more: one shot music videos. We now have a trending collection of artist sessions from some of Romania’s best rap, alternative and underground musicians. You’re welcome!


By giving the all-too-familiar travel vlog a cinematic touch, we ended up creating an alternative guide to the cities of Venice, Barcelona, Gibraltar and Istanbul. This resulted in a parallel show we decided to call just that: PARALEL.


4 best friends, 1 goal: to land a job in the acting industry. But the path to stardom is more winding than the streets of Bucharest, so the four aspiring actresses must resort to creative (and sometimes illegal) ways to fulfill their dream.